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In the improvements in its design won the "Healthcare Deal of the Year" prize, awarded by the British magazine "World Finance". Sacyr launches its new corporate identity X.

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Pressing on Accept or closing this ad implies that you accept the installation of these cookies. However, if you wish, you can change your cookie settings at any time. For more information on our Cookies Policy Press there. Sacyr is a global group committed to meeting any challenge to transform our society. We operate in almost 30 countries to improve infrastructure and services to citizens. We transform to continue transforming our future. Sacyr operates in more than twenty countries on the five continents through all of our subsidiaries.

Sacyr has been transformed internally, and now also from the outside, with a solid image that reflects the legacy of over 30 years of history and which represents what it is today and that projects it into the future.

The design reflects such transformation through a twist in the shape and a change of color in each of the letters of the logo. The brand architecture serves this purpose, which makes Sacyr companies a Group with a single common goal.

Challenges Success, the new corporate tagline, reflects Sacyr's positioning: Sacyr is a global group committed to meeting any challenge to transform society, with hard work and passion in improving infrastructure and services for citizens. Talent at the service of progress. For us, challenges met means know-how, experience and work well done. The result benefits the whole of society: The brand architecture serves this purpose; which makes Sacyr companies a Group with a single common goal.

The Services activity maintains the Valoriza Servicios brand in Spain and will become Sacyr Services in international markets. Sacyr Industrial and Sacyr Concessions complete the second level of brand architecture. Sacyr's experience in the construction, management and maintenance of hospitals guarantees the highest quality standards in its buildings, which are sustainable, efficient and accessible to users.

With more than 60 hospitals and health centers built or renovated in Spain, Portugal, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Angola and Cape Verde with more than 9, beds and an investment of more than 3. Sacyr Concesiones manages seven hospitals in Spain, Portugal and Chile, which adds up to 2, beds and which serve a population of around 3 million inhabitants. The newly opened Antofagasta hospital in Chile is the largest in the country with a total of beds. In Mexico City Sacyr Concesiones is designing - for its subsequent construction, equipment and maintenance - the Regional Sur Hospital over 25 years, which will have beds and will serve more than 1.

The constant improvement in the management of the hospital centers has earned Sacyr the EDP award for Electric Power and Environment for the Hospital de Braga Portugal energy efficiency project.


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