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Jeff Michael jsemkffloaninvestment gmail. Mr Micheal michaelandrewloanfirm hotmail. See valik võimaldab juhtida AR. Kaamera vahetamine Vajutage nuppu et vahetada AR. Indikaator muutub pu- naseks, kui aku hakkab tühjaks saama. Vastasel juhul maandub AR. Siseruumis olles valige esimeste lendude jaoks koht, kus ei ole takistusi.

Parrot inspekteerib toodet ja pa- seaduslikel eesmärkidel, kuna sel juhul vastu ALATI seadke laadija väljundvõimsus nii, et kahjustada.

Nostipriniet akumulatoru un pievienojiet to AR. Also See for AR. Page of Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Also See for Parrot AR. Related Manuals for Parrot AR. Summary of Contents for Parrot AR. Table Of Contents AR. Page 7 Do not discard the provided stickers.

Page 13 Repetitive motion injuries and eyestrain Playing video games can make your muscles, joint, skin or eyes hurt after a few hours. Page 14 You must keep the AR. Page 20 On your smartphone, turn the Wi-Fi off and back on. Page 22 Taking off Install the battery into the battery box and connect it to the AR.

Page 24 Switching cameras Press the button to change the view of the AR. Page 26 If you lose control of your AR. Page 28 Parrot be res- defects due to abnormal use of the product ponsible for any damage or accidental loss of Page 29 Changes to this Quick start guide Parrot, in particular, the use of batteries not The explanations and specifications in this guide approved by Parrot genuine Parrot batteries are given for information only and may be modi- can be identified by their hologram ; Page 56 Trzymaj AR.

Page 58 mulatora bez nadzoru. Page 86 Polijetanje Umetnite bateriju i spojite AR. Page 88 Pritisnite tipku da biste promijenili postavke letjelice AR. Page - Nemojte igrati ako ste umorni ili vam je potreban san. Page LED ne postane zelen. Eesti Keel Parrot trükitud kasutusjuhenditele internetis asuvaid kasu- tusjuhendeid. Page Hoidke AR. Page LED indikaator roheliseks muutub. Page Õhkutõus Paigaldage aku ja ühendage see AR. Page Kaamera vahetamine Vajutage nuppu et vahetada AR.

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