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That was made clear once again when the head of the Supreme Electoral Court, David Matamoros, made an about-turn after saying the Court was studying the possibility of removing from the military the task of transporting and guarding the ballot boxes during elections.

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Saurez y cinco comisarios de la ciudad que supervisan los cinco distritos de Miami. Los cubanos trajeron la conga y la rumba de sus tierras natales y de inmediato la popularizaron en la cultura americana. Los club's de miami son visitados semanalmente por famosos dj's, un mismo fin de semana puedes tener a Tiesto , Calvin Harris , Carl Cox o Armin Van Buuren. Miami es conocida por ser parte del clubland destinos vacacionales con variedad de discotecas y bares y una acentuada vida nocturna junto con Ibiza , Mikonos y Ayia Napa.

Miami cuenta con cuatro equipos de las grandes ligas norteamericanas: Route 1 , U. Route 27 , U. Route 41 y la U. La Florida Turnpike es la autopista de peaje que va desde el sur, en Orlando , hasta el Golden Glades Interchange , al norte de la ciudad, pasando por el centro de Florida. Se incluyen concursos televisivos, programas de variedades y noticiarios. La ciudad de Miami, de acuerdo con la web de Sister Cities International , posee hermandad con las siguientes ciudades: De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre.

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Consultado el 7 de julio de Archivado desde el original el 2 de agosto de Consultado el 19 de noviembre de Consultado el 2 de mayo de Consultado el 13 de julio de Consultado el 2 de septiembre de Consultado el 25 de agosto de Consultado el 15 de marzo de Archivado desde el original el 14 de julio de The new version is that the Supreme Electoral Court will seek to 'expand' the functions of the military, including the possibility of allowing members of the armed forces to vote.

Neither soldiers nor the police vote in Honduras Experts said the military's growing role in the public sphere is one of the most painful consequences of the Jun. There are at least seven articles in the Honduran constitution that cannot be modified.

They include a prohibition of consecutive terms for presidents and of holding a constituent assembly to rewrite the constitution. To amend the constitution, the vote of two-thirds of all members of parliament at two consecutive regular annual sessions are needed.

For his part, sociologist Eugenio Sosa stressed that the role played by the military in "democracy-building processes" should be reviewed 'so they can no longer veto or arbitrate' in public life Inter Press Service, 07Jan They also face charges of illegal expatriation of a Honduran citizen Although Zelaya's removal was widely condemned by the international community, including the Organisation of American States OAS , the European Union and the United States, the coup government headed by de facto President Roberto Micheletti - who was next in line for the presidency, as head of Congress - argue that it was part of a constitutional transfer of power The requirement of an amnesty for political crimes was dropped from the U.

The analyst, who pointed out that the amnesty was rejected in the negotiations by both Zelaya and Micheletti, said the issue 'has emerged again in response to pressure by the international community to create a kind of 'forgive and forget' mentality in the country that would allow the new government of president-elect Porfirio Lobo to initiate a process of internal reconciliation and international recognition' The question of a political amnesty has generated controversy in this Central American country for fear that it could be used to cover crimes like corruption, abuse of authority and violations of human rights and free speech The charges against the military chiefs coincided with a two-day visit by U.

Inter Press Service, 06Aug Now the armed forces are making no effort to conceal their interest in political protagonism. After breaking their silence and offering statements to just about any media outlet that crossed their path, in order to justify their role in Zelaya's ouster, the military brass have not beat around the bush, saying the country has entered 'a new era,' and that the armed forces are an essential pillar in the country's power relations The armed forces held the real power in this Central American country in the s, s and early s, when the traditional political elites would knock on the doors of the barracks for approval for decisions to be taken.

But a demilitarisation process began in The active participation of human rights and women's groups, as well as factions of the media and private enterprise, was decisive in that process. But it appears today, said Political scientist Ernesto Paz, that the armed forces once again enjoy 'veto power' in Honduras. The analyst said the coup 'has not only damaged our democracy, but also represents an extremely serious setback to the demilitarisation process' Zelaya actually helped boost the military's growing presence on the public scene.

Since the start of his government in , he gave them authority normally enjoyed by civilians, putting for example the temporary management of the state power utility in their hands, and giving them unprecedented visibility in the media by inviting officers to accompany him in a range of public activities, from concerts and trips to scuba diving sessions.

He also considerably expanded the defence budget and incorporated them into tasks usually done by civilians The Office of the Special Rapporteur urges the State to conduct a prompt, diligent and thorough investigation which gives special attention to the possibility that the crime was connected to the victim's journalistic and political activities The Office of the Special Rapporteur believes it is essential that the Honduran State demonstrate its commitment to the fight against impunity through concrete action and effective investigations, and through the protection of media outlets and journalists.

The Office also reiterates its concern over the lack of significant progress in solving the 14 murders of media workers committed since As a product of the investigations, the State should identify and prosecute those responsible, punish them where appropriate, and guarantee adequate reparation to the victims' family members The Committee of Relatives of the Disappeared in Honduras COFADEH expresses its utter condemnation and concern regarding the repeated attacks against social leaders and defenders of human rights in Honduras, especially worrisome when the attacks are instigated by state officials for the purpose of generating public hatred towards the defenders.

The Mayor also communicated with national media such as Programa TV 5, and Programa Frente a Frente, which are both broadcasted through Canal 5, for the purpose of persisting with the defamation. Said Prosecutor opened investigations. The prosecutors assigned to the preliminary inquiry became victims of threats and illegal detention by shock troops under the command of the Mayor Desde esta fecha enfrenta una serie de actos que ponen en peligro su vida y la de sus nueve hijos.

Desde el 30 de enero de , una de sus hijas recibe mensajes de texto en que le dicen que Blanca es mujer muerta Since this day, she has confronted a number of actions that have put her life and the lives of her nine children in danger.

On December 31st, , hooded men who were driving a green pickup truck without licence plates, opened gun fire on a group of the community, which was assembled in a meeting with Blanca Espinoza Since January 30th, , one of her daughters received a text message in which it was written that Blanca is a dead woman Blanca and three members of the Board of Directors are facing legal proceedings for seizure of land and the judicial authorities have issued an arrest warrant against one of her daughters, only 11 years of age, for the same offence.

The constant presence of armed men and the text messages sent to her daughter have caused her children psychological trauma. Frente Nacional de Resistencia contra el Golpe de Estado. El canal fue tomado por militares y los periodistas que laboraban en el mismo fueron expulsados.

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