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Cuando cae la noche y la actividad de la playa decae, no hay mejor sitio para relajarse y descansar.

Javier Nieves Lamas

¿Quieres elegir bien tus vacaciones…… y no equivocarte?

We come out to the Social Networks arena ready to spread our message. But we cannot forget this can be quicksand. The public waits anxiously for us to commit a mistake to put their thumbs down.

We need to know them, understand their infinite possibilities, work and know what to do. Only if we ask ourselves continuously where we are going, we can avoid taking the wrong way and be able to build a solid communication strategy stone by stone, post by post, tweet by tweet.

She has more than hours of experience as a coach and contributed to spread this discipline as a trainer and participating in different professional media and forums. She has more than 12 years of experience working as an executive and manager in the Sales Department of many important multinational companies. Besides, she has delivered lectures about Leadership and Personal Branding in important business schools, companies, societies and professional associations.

Besides, she has a degree in Information Sciences by the University of Seville. What does my visibility mean to Church? Working on my personal brand with authenticity and coherence is important for vocational development and transcendence. Being, doing and seeming to help others. Know how to be a witness in social media and which details which must be checked in the digital environment. He is also a partner of some start-ups and companies of the digital environment.

Besides, he is a member of the boards and partner of some companies of the new technologies and communication sector and he works as an independent relational and interactive marketing consultant. We will share thoughts and advice based on a series of keys, strategies and acts developed by different brands, entities, organizations and social movements in order not only to gain followers but also their compromise, loyalty and even to turn them into apostles of their brand or mission.

Beatriz Navarro, who has a wide experience in brand positioning at a national and international level, digital strategies development and customer experience management along customer journey, has a great renown as she has been responsible for the Marketing and Communication of leading brands.

She has been the Sponsoring Manager for Repsol S. The world is changing faster and faster and we are more and more connected. Today, there are no boundaries. Content of any type arrives overseas within minutes. These digital changes affect the way we connect to believers. Omnichannel, big data and content personalization, smartphones and an experiential model for Church are some of these trends.

Believers want the best of both worlds. At a physical level they want a different experience oriented to new ways of life. Carlos Luna Calvo He is a lay Dominican, an entrepreneur who is passionate for creativity and marketing. His career started 15 years ago. He has participated as an international speaker in Creativity, Marketing and Communication forums.

Working off the base that faith is a gift and not a marketing aim which can be solved with budgets, we have to think about the basis of relationship marketing applied to Church. Maybe marketing as a discipline can help us during this process of new inculturation which is as necessary nowadays as it was at the origins of Church.

A process which has to rely on a comprehensive strategy to establish a relationship with the current public, who does not know us and does not want to know us.

We need to consider how to approach a society in order to drum up their interest and satisfy their need for transcendence, which is part of every human being. Everything inspired by the marketing discipline. He also works for other recognized business schools. Everybody is aware of the great amount of different changes which affect western societies, from their epidermis to their roots.

These changes sometimes are not totally understandable and we cannot predict their future. Globalization and divergences are living together but opposed in society. How is this society we aim to reach with a universal and everlasting message?

He has a Ph. Is it more today than ten years ago? Or than half a century ago? Or than a century? And how about its future? What has to be done in order to increase its market share without reducing faithfulness to the gospel truth? He has managed SM Marketing and Business department in Argentina and Spain and is quite knowledgeable about the sector. Why does marketing have such a bad reputation? Does it deserve it? Recomendado para quien quiera ver el centro de la ciudad sin tener que moverse mucho.

El otro camino es subiendo a lo alto del mismo, donde hay una pasarela que permite cruzarlo a pie. Zarautz guarda el tesoro de su playa Vitoria es una ciudad hecha para caminar, para disfrutarla paseando, sin prisas, sin agobios de coches. El Vitoria moderno, donde comienza el ensanche de la ciudad. Un lugar de encuentro para los vitorianos, un lugar de bienvenida para los que venimos de fuera y que sentimos una inmensa calidez en esta plaza.

Lo reconozco, Vitoria nos ha enamorado! En la comarca de La Rioja Alavesa encontramos este precioso municipio medieval, donde recorrer sus calles es como retroceder al siglo XV. Bajamos y nos vamos a la parte vieja. El Bosque es alucinante. Hondarribia tiene un sabor muy particular. Dentro de sus murallas del siglo XV se entremezclan mansiones de fachada barroca con casitas coloridas de pescadores, cuyos balcones de madera asoman floridos a las callejuelas estrechas y empinadas. Pasear por ellas, detenerse en la plaza Mayor, donde durante el fin de semana se montan mercadillos, es una delicia.

Hondarribia es una ciudad llena de placeres. Uno de ellos es su fabulosa playa, el otro es culinario:

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