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Know your neighbors and mobilize your mission team like never before

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Identify Church Plant Opportunities using cluster analysis and demographic snapshot tools. Connect with more neighbor homes using custom project management tools.

Save months of staff time by sharing updatable maps with project leaders. Prayer-walk and canvas neighborhoods with far greater long-term results. Subdivide and manage your mission field with distinct neighborhoods. Get more new movers to visit by mobilizing their neighboring members. Launch and build life groups with new touch-screen technology. Exceed capital campaign goals by knowing your members better. Pray for every home in your mission field by name through church collaboration.

Know your neighbors and mobilize your mission team like never before. It's like going from legally blind to eagle eyes on your mission field. Click here for a live demo. Pull out a map! Frustrated by high mailing costs? Unfortunately, most churches in America fall into one of two categories: Now there's a better way.

You have so many different groups of neighbors that need to be reached with different approaches. The Online Community Connector empowers you to see your mission field and filter lists of homes within minutes that are most likely to respond to your specific outreaches. Discover your Mission Field Sweet Spot. Easily map your church homes and discover your strategic neighborhoods Every church has a mission field "sweet spot" where they will find their "Low Hanging Fruit" - i.

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