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There are others who legitimately have become tired of waiting. Hans julio 1, Responder.

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Utilizing a whole-of-government approach, the Government of Honduras is enforcing a national strategy for prevention, institution-building and combat of crime with international assistance, including that of the United States of America. The security and justice systems are undergoing serious reforms. In particular, the national police are under vetting and training processes, to ensure that our police officials are up to their responsibility.

The government has increased police presence in areas frequented by tourists and is willing to provide specific security for ONGs assisting the most needed in Honduras. At the same time, the good people of Honduras continue to work hard at growing as individuals and as a society. Notwithstanding international travel warnings, the Honduran tourism and private international assistance programs and projects continue to grow.

In cruise ship visitors alone, Honduras has nearly doubled its number of visitors since Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world visit our rural villages, rain forests, sandy beaches and Mayan ruins each year. Not to underscore the reality of our situation, but every country in the world suffers from a certain degree of criminality.

For example, the United States of America has four of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world. Louis, continue to be important tourist and business centers.

In travelling to Honduras we strongly encourage you to exercise good sense and be cautious. Remain vigilant of your surroundings. Travel in groups and if at all possible, during daylight. Take taxi cabs from the hotel and first class internal transportation.

While traveling in automobiles, doors must be locked and windows closed. Avoid displaying or carrying valuables like jewelry, electronics or big amounts of cash. Do not visit well known hot spots. Do not resist a robber attempt and do not intervene in crimes in progress. If you ever feel threatened call For more detailed information regarding the security situation in Honduras, contact the Embassy of Honduras ext.

He much more accurately portrayed the situation in Honduras than our State Department, and based on our 13 years of health care activity in Honduras I completely agree with his assessment. We have sent over volunteers to your country to provide basic health care and some critical surgical procedures to thousands of Hondurans, with never an incident in all of that time.

Of course, we have our own procedures in place to minimize threats of various kinds and they seem to be working just fine.

We are very proud to be working with Hondurans to bring some level of heath care to those we attempt to serve in 30 communities in the mountains of central Honduras.

Please let the ambassador know how much we treasure our ongoing relationship with your country and we look forward to many years of continuing to do so in spite of occasional obstacles.

We have been blessed many times by the Honduran people. If there is some way the we can assist you or the ambassador in painting a different picture other than that posed by our government, please let me know. Blessings, Kip Robinson C. Box Midlothian, VA Among these was the head of a volunteer mission team from Vermont planning to travel to Honduras early next year. Below is the Ambassador's letter, dated November 29, However, the way the information was published is misleading and it misrepresents the situation.

It is important to say that the Travel Warning mentions murder and crime rate statistics, without explaining that the underlying cause is drug trafficking and organized crime, and that the circumstances in which these murders occur are mostly among individual criminals and between gangs.

As you may well know, crime in Honduras is not indiscriminate and US citizens are not a target based on their nationality. There are few incidents reported involving US citizens, and absolutely none regarding North Americans who travel to Honduras to provide humanitarian aid.

Hondurans have always been and are friendly to North Americans, in addition to being vastly grateful for their unwavering volunteer work in our country. I did not want one more day to pass without responding to you. We have referred your concerns to the Secretary of Security, so we can work on providing additional security for the team you lead that will be traveling to Honduras on February , as a way to alleviate any worries you or other members of your group may have.

Please accept my assurance that this matter will receive serious consideration. Drugs and guns are a deadly mix. I recently returned from almost two weeks travelling around two of the supposedly most violent and deadliest countries in the world. It may seem strange then to hold the Central America Travel Mart in San Pedro Sula which has more homicides per capita than any other city in the world. Welcome to Homicide central.

One can read the headlines and never really get the full story. You can only get that by actually visiting the destination. I find some of them very inflammatory and if you are skittish you would never travel anywhere in the world including many cities in Canada. We as Canadians get up in arms when Canada or a certain city or town is disparaged by the international media or foreigner.

Therefore I have some sympathy for other destinations around the world when some of these warnings and advisories are way over the top. Guns and weapons as machetes and knives are frequently used in robberies. Perpetrators often use violence if the victim resists. Use discretion when discussing travel plans in public. It details various areas including San Pedro Sula and along the coastal highway and other towns as well as islands where crime occurs. I travelled in all of these areas both in a group as well as wandered about on my own.

Now did I go down dark alleys in the middle of the night in some residential or gang infested districts? At no point during my stay in the so-called murder capital of the world did I ever feel unsafe. It rates barely a mention about any crime compared to the pages it details with Honduras and El Salvador. Yet in there were four American cities listed in the top 50 cities for the murders in — at number 21 was New Orleans a city I adore and have visited a couple of times , number 30 was Detroit, number 43 was St.

Louis, and number 48 was Baltimore. Americans have one of the highest gun ownerships in the world yet no mention of that in the travel advisory. I love the United States and travel there frequently for business and pleasure but it is interesting and perhaps political since they are our biggest trading partner how it is downplayed. But at the same time we get up in arms and are afraid to visit other destinations when we hear about any incidents. I travelled by foot, boat, minivan, air and an old open train car.

I never felt threatened or feared for my safety. And talking with many others at the conference and on the post tours nor did they feel unsafe. At night-time functions we would travel past various neighbourhoods back to the hotel. I never saw anyone with a gun other than some army guy or from the police.

I never got a sense the city or the country was under siege. In El Salvador which also had similar dire warnings I travelled throughout the coastal communities, colonial towns, national parks, mountain roads, and spent some time in the capital, San Salvador — again supposedly a hot bed for violent crime. I carried my camera bag and shot numerous photos along the streets, markets, churches and public areas.

You would see tourist police around in the major areas smiling and personable. What did surprise me was how friendly everyone was and how non-aggressive the vendors were compared to some other destinations. I was a rare sighting — a gringo. Tourism is still in its infancy there so I stood out but never got hassled. A fellow journalist and I laughed when we were going on a hike through the Cerre Verde National Park.

The guide, journalist and I were escorted by three armed Salvadoran soldiers with semiautomatic rifles. I asked the guide what they were there for - he said they act like a park ranger and in case of a medical emergency can get help.

The journalist and I chuckled at that statement. It was an overreaction to keep us protected. Both in Honduras and El Salvador most of the violence is between fellow gang members — not against tourists. Unfortunately it can have the opposite effect and the tourist thinks the country is so crime ridden they need all this protection. Keep some presence but be low key about it. Would I recommend visiting Honduras and El Salvador, two of the most dangerous nations?

Yes and without any hesitation. Would I bring my wife and kids on holiday there? Central America is really a hidden gem of the world — Mayan ruins, vibrant green countryside, friendly locals, colourful Colonial towns, beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, cultural attractions and it is very affordable. Emerging photographers from Latin America, Portugal and Spain share their contemporary masterpieces. Honduran photographer Daniel Handal will represent Honduras with his recent artwork " Masks, costumes and freedom".

Por su parte el Sr. En la actualidad El Decreto emitido por el Congreso Nacional reza: Los creadores tienen tres meses para poder realizarlos. Los cortos deben ser grabados en formato HD de preferencia o en format SD standard definition. La Sede principal del festival es en la ciudad de Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The film makers have three months to make and submit their films. The films must be made in HD format or SD format standard definition. They can partipate in each of the three categories: Fiction, Documentary and Experimental the following techniques are included: Films longer than 3 minutes can Now be submitted for Screening at the festival.

The festival is focused on accelerating the number and quality of the film productions, on encouraging local filmmakers to make films in a competitive environment.

The festival also wishes to promote local and central american cinema to a worlwide audience. The contest for first, second and third place prizes will be only for central american contestants. Festival Laurels will be assigned to the international and central american contestants.

The selected short films will be uploaded to a website where they will be viewed by a worldwide audience. Three months after the start of the submission period there will be a screening of the films at a theatre. The Official Jury will be in charge of selecting first, second and third place, as well as nominating the Laurels. The winning prizes are only for local central american contestants.

La inseguridad en Honduras se concentra en ciertas regiones y ciudades, sin embargo hay muchos Departamentos y Municipios en los cuales la incidencia delincuencial es muy baja. More than 4, international and domestic observers closely supervised the electoral process. It confuses common and organized criminality with human rights offenses.

Frank observes that Honduras is struggling against crime and narcotics trafficking — yet she urges the United States to abandon Honduras to the drug lords by cutting off police and military aid. The independent Office of the National Prosecutor for Human Rights has been investigating and prosecuting the alleged human rights violations with assistance from the United States, Colombia and Spain.

Legislation has been passed to combat child labor, a committee against torture was established and legislation against human trafficking has been introduced.

But it is not true. This is not the s with Central American coups, contras and revolutionaries. It is a choice of bribes or bullets, all driven by the market for coca leaf products. My fellow international observers concluded that the process was free and fair. In a decadelong crescendo of troubles pushing down from the United States and Mexico, the cartels and gangs are ever more aggressive. It is now early No, the evils of the drug trade must be met by an increased focus by the United States government to counter cartels.

El llamado de la Sra. Hernandez Alcerro Embajador de Honduras Washington, 31 de enero de It has become necessary for us to address the recent negative and sometimes sensationalized news about Honduras and Central America.

Yes, there are parts of Honduras that are violent and dangerous, especially in certain neighborhoods of San Pedro Sula. Yes, the Peace Corps have pulled out of Honduras due to the high crime rate.

Yes, if you're a drug dealer, gang member, or part of a cartel, the odds are probably against you if you're trying to live a peaceful life. This is something to think about before you start to make judgments though: If you know someone who went to DC in the 90s to see the capital buildings, to Disney World in Orlando, or to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, they must be the bravest souls in the world because the crime rates in these places are comparable to Honduras as a whole and certainly worse than the quiet parts of Honduras.

What I'm trying to say is that statistics can be very deceiving sometimes. Outside of certain neighborhoods in certain cities, the majority of Honduras is a peaceful place where people go for walks or sit in their patios to drink coffee with friends.

Our NGO and volunteers work in semi-rural villages surrounding the small city of El Progreso which remains as quiet as it was five years ago. Rarely do we go into the major cities, and never into any of the neighborhoods that are perceived to be dangerous. Foreigners, especially volunteers who travel in groups, are rarely victims of crime in Honduras. We just had close to high school and college students volunteer for us this past month and there was not one incident of crime or anything even close.

Unlike the Peace Corps volunteers who travel on their own using public transportation and without security, our volunteers work in groups, take chartered buses, have security guards with them and work in communities that we have built partnerships with. The safety of our volunteers is our number one priority and given our 6 years of experience here in Honduras we see no reason to stop our service trips at this time. Anyone who has specific questions for us can email kelly studentshelpinghonduras.

As I write this message sitting next to the kids at our children's home in the quiet village of Villa Soleada, I am hopeful and looking forward to a great year and a record number of volunteers. Volunteers speak about security in Honduras: The District of Columbia ranks among the top 10 greenest cities in the US.

With more than Embassies representing nations from around the world, the District of Columbia also enjoys one of the world's highest densities of foreign missions within its jurisdiction. As the District plans implements its "Sustainable DC", its ambitious sustainability program for the District, cooperating with these foreign missions is of great importance. In parallel, many of the District's foreign missions have asked for ways to work with the city and contribute to the environmental and sustainability goals of their local community - making the District of Columbia even greener In this workshop — which will precede the reception and signing ceremony of an international sustainability pledge by Embassies in the District of Columbia — a review of possible collaborations, available resources and partnerships will be discussed; highlighting a number of best practices of such cooperation, including the River Smart Program, where Embassies and the District work together in making storm water management more sustainable; the Green Power Partnership, where Embassies and other organizations work together with the District in making energy production and use more sustainable; International perspectives on urban renewal projects in DC: Presentation by David Goehring, co-chairman of the GoDutch consortium.

The workshop aims to offer inspiration and concrete tools for strengthening cooperative efforts between the District and Embassies in Washington DC, and identifying further possibilities for the years to come. Marleny Oyuela Herrera es una joven madre que representa un milagro de Dios. Algunos ejemplos de causas justas pueden ser: Citizenship and Immigration Services Attn: Box Chicago, IL 2. TPS Honduras S. Dearborn - 3rd Floor Chicago, IL 3.

As may already be known, Honduras was the first country to successfully conclude a compact with MCC. For FY, MCC applied new criteria to the selection process, expanding or changing some of the indicators as well as the requirements for eligibility.

Countries that are candidates for MCC resources fall in two categories: Honduras is in the first category and competes for the resources with 46 other countries.

In the second category 27 countries are considered. Because of this, and the fact that Honduras has shown significant improvement of its indicator scores, and several relevant reforms the MCC Board granted our country a threshold program agreement. The threshold program agreement will allow Honduras to receive financial assistance from MCC for targeted policy and institutional reform efforts. The Government of Honduras has expressed to the US Government its deep appreciation for the continued support to the social and economic development of Honduras and the strengthening of its democratic institutions.

Over the past several months, Honduras has strengthened its legal framework to better combat organized crime, appointing judges with national jurisdiction, approving a security tax, authorizing wiretapping, and establishing a police advisory board, among other reforms.

President Lobo and the U. In a demonstration of its sustained support, the U. En las remesas que ellos enviaron crecieron en un 5. A las donaciones a favor de los damnificados se han sumado transportistas, ganaderos y la comunidad internacional.

Presidente de Honduras Porfirio Lobo Sosa. San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Por lo tanto, una ley que discrimina por el color de la piel o el desconocimiento de un idioma tiene que ser rechazada. Poniendo en marcha mecanismos de previo pago de los servicios. Last week, a Honduran court dropped the remaining charges against ousted former President Manuel Zelaya.

Will Honduras now be readmitted to the OAS or are there remaining barriers to the country's re-admittance to the organization? Does the government of President Porfirio Lobo need to do more to repair relations between Honduras and other countries in the hemisphere? How much is Honduras' suspended OAS membership and lack of recognition by other countries, notably Brazil, hurting Honduras?

Will Zelaya return to Honduras, and what might that mean for the political situation there? We strongly agree with the secretary general that it is time to begin consultations on lifting the suspension of Honduras' participation in the OAS. Although the United States government did not take a position on how the charges against former President Zelaya should be decided, we hope these recent legal decisions will allow Honduras to turn the page and promote national reconciliation.

The United States government believes the suspension of Honduras should be immediately lifted and supports the initiation of consultations with OAS member states on this issue. Full participation in the OAS would enable Honduras to work in solidarity with its partners in the hemisphere to promote human rights and good governance, and to combat social and economic exclusion.

Furthermore, Honduras and its Central American neighbors are facing an unprecedented and grave threat from drug trafficking groups and criminal gangs. It is imperative and urgent that Honduras be fully reintegrated into the Inter-American discussion on these issues in time to participate in the upcoming OAS General Assembly.

The attorney general stated that he won't file a writ of amparo, once the court upheld its initial decision in an application for reconsideration. President Porfirio Lobo would thus culminate his efforts to normalize relations with the international community, a task he undertook personally and which has dominated the foreign policy of his administration so far.

Former President Zelaya can return to Honduras whenever he chooses, since the legal actions that he considered impediments have been removed. He continues to enjoy his privileges as a former president, such as his seat on the Central American Parliament, his personal protection, political rights and other guarantees that are framed in our Constitution and laws. Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue: The government of Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes has been pushing for this decision for some time, and the Supreme Court's ruling is a favorable development.

Honduras had already restored economic relations and regained access to international credit, but its suspension from the OAS has been symbolically significant and has hurt the country's diplomatic standing in the region. While the ruling may enable Honduras to pursue a path forward, caution is in order. It is hard to predict whether Manuel Zelaya will indeed return to Honduras, and if he does so, how others in the society will react.

The risks remain considerable. Zelaya is a polarizing figure who arouses strong passions among supporters and opponents alike. Lobo has tried to pursue a middle ground in Honduras, but that has been extremely difficult and has severely tested his political skills. The hope is that, with Honduras' reincorporation into the OAS, there will be a renewed effort to encourage more moderate politics and heal the wounds stemming from the June crisis. Honduras has paid a huge cost in the past two years, and it needs to focus serious attention on spreading criminality, much of it fueled by the drug problem.

State repression of the opposition in the past two months now exceeds that of the weeks immediately following the coup, as the police and military now regularly use tear gas canisters as lethal weapons, aiming directly at the bodies of peaceful demonstrators and journalists. Complete impunity continues for the more than politically motivated assassinations and suspicious deaths since the coup, as killings continue unabated.

In this context, the Obama administration has focused exclusively on the return of Zelaya as a condition for the readmission of Honduras to the OAS. Even if all of the trumped-up charges against Zelaya are dropped, however, there is no guarantee that new charges will not be filed or that Zelaya will be able to safely walk the streets. More importantly, by focusing on Zelaya, the United States is ignoring the other original conditions for OAS readmission, including recognition of the legitimate opposition, an end to human rights abuses and impunity and a functioning judicial system.

Thus the question is not one of 'repairing relations' with other nations, but of suspending U. The question is not whether the OAS is hurting Honduras by not admitting it, but why the Obama administration, despite Congressional opposition, continues to whitewash a vicious regime that is waging war against its own people.

John Maisto, member of the Advisor board, director of U. Education Finance Group and former U. The Supreme Court decision to drop civil charges against former President Zelaya, based on lack of due process, has cleared the way for him to return and to participate fully in political life.

Additionally, the Honduran Congress' earlier move to amend the constitution to permit referendums addresses the motivation for the coup. Honduran institutions have undone the previous errors that triggered the coup. President Lobo deserves credit for dealing patiently with the Supreme Court and the Congress, and simultaneously with friends in the region who have helped, most recently President Santos of Colombia.

Any additional demands by any OAS member for Honduras to do more would hardly be a manifestation of the solidarity that the third-poorest country in the hemisphere needs so desperately from the hemisphere. Additionally, the theme of the upcoming OAS General Assembly in El Salvador—citizen security and fighting crime—cries for Honduran presence in a Central America engulfed with these issues. El Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos hace un monitoreo permanente, vigilando que se respete la dignidad de la persona humana.

Karol Escalante, Segunda Secretaria. Una de las 12 recomendaciones que fueron aprobadas es la hecha por Eslovaquia referente a "poner fin a cualquier procedimiento disciplinario contra jueces" que hayan cuestionado el las acciones de Porfirio Lobo, president of Honduras, visited a ridge called Hula Hill last month to break ground for a new electric plant that will use 51 wind-powered turbines made at the Gamesa Wind US plant in Falls Township.

The site is supposed to produce 6 percent of the Central American nation's electric power when it goes on line next year. The loan was guaranteed by American taxpayers. Wind power in hilly Honduras doesn't get or need public subsidies; the country doesn't dig its own coal, uranium, or oil, so wind power is cheaper than burning fuel, Ex-Im president Fred Hochberg said. So why does this project need a government loan?

To bridge the gap and boost sales of U. The year loan is set at 1 percent above U. Treasury rates and backed by a Honduran government promise to buy wind power for at least 20 years. Mesoamerica would have to pay a lot more to borrow that much from Citigroup or European banks, and it would have a tough time getting an year term, Gamesa officials say. Hochberg says Ex-Im's current loan-default rate is 1. That could boost employment at Gamesa, which has staffers in the Philadelphia area and more upstate.

Ex-Im hopes to make more direct loans and loan guarantees to Gamesa customers, Hochberg said. A lot will depend on what President Obama proposes and Congress does with the bank in next week's budget plan. Like the Securities and Exchange Commission and a few other government agencies that bring in more cash than they spend, Ex-Im wants to keep a bigger share of what it raises and put the money to work on its own programs.

It's up to Washington how much Ex-Im will have to spend to help cover the U. Coolers and wheelchairs Philadelphia capital is buying businesses around the country, chasing profits. Municipio de Duyure, Choluteca. Alli encontraras tanto la historia del municipio como la lista de sus aldeas y caserios. Gracias Noelia por visitar la pagina. Puedes leerla en el siguiente link: Hola, estoy muy complacida con la informacion proporcionada, muchos desconocemos las joyas que tenemos en nuestro territorio, nuestra cultura es tan extensa y rica.

Choluteca se ha convertido en un lugar especial para mi, no lo conozco, pero es facil enamorarse de su gente………..

Tu direccion de correo electronico no sera publicada. Departamento de Choluteca mayo 24, 4: Conozco personas de ese lugar y son nobles y buenos ciudadanos en mi pais Mexico. Hola, deseo saber el total y nombres de las aldeas y caserios que comprenden la cabecera departamental, municipio de choluteca, saludos cordiales Responder. La ampliacion del casco urbano segun decreto 97 Responder.

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